Diverse Dealers

The Office of Finance is committed to diversity and inclusion in our authorized dealer group, and actively seeks opportunities to work with dealers that are owned by minorities, women, disabled persons, veterans, and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. The Office of Finance promotes diverse dealer opportunities through increased access to debt programs, focused training for dealer sales and trading staff, and co-marketing programs with fixed-income investors. 

To become a member of the OF's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Dealer Group, you are invited to apply to be an authorized dealer for FHLBank debt securities, and your firm should be certified by a nationally-recognized certifying organization, by a national, state, or local government agency, or be self-certified as meeting one of the diversity criteria for inclusion.  

To learn more about becoming a member of the Office of Finance's D&I Dealer Group, contact us.

D&I Dealer Group 

  • Academy Securities, Inc.
  • Alamo Capital
  • AmeriVet Securities, Inc.
  • ASL Capital Markets Inc.
  • Bancroft Capital, LLC
  • Blaylock Van, LLC
  • Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC
  • CastleOak Securities, L.P.
  • Drexel Hamilton, LLC
  • Falcon Square Capital, LLC
  • Great Pacific Securities
  • Loop Capital Markets LLC
  • MFR Securities, Inc.
  • Mischler Financial Group, Inc.
  • Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.
  • Penserra Securities LLC
  • R. Seelaus & Co., LLC
  • Samuel A. Ramirez & Company, Inc.
  • Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC
  • Stern Brothers & Co.

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